• Therapy For Busy Moms

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    “A mother’s morale, emotional and mental health are her child’s strength.”

    ~ Deborah Belle, Ed.D, Psychologist

    Are you spread too thin? According to Stanford Medicine, “78 percent of all mothers with kids ages 6 to 17 work paid jobs.” Resulting in twice the responsibilities from work and home, increased stress, broken sleep, poor diet, and irritability.

    You are not alone. Many mothers bear the burden of unrealistic expectations and impossible standards. But with the right tools and mindset, you can discover avenues of support, self-compassion, exercise self-care, and navigate this season more effectively.

    Everyday experiences for busy moms include:

    • Extreme mental fatigue/physical exhaustion
    • Feeling short-tempered
    • Feeling emotionally depleted
    • Feeling disconnected or isolated from others or the kids
    • Mom guilt about behaviors, reactions, thoughts or feelings
    • Guilt, fear of being inadequate as a parent
    • Feeling anxious or overly focused on what comes next
    • Experiencing mom rage— being hostile or having extreme emotional highs and lows
    • Questioning life choices such as regretting having children
    • Escapist fantasies
    • Intense feelings of “never good enough” at home or work
    • Disconnection from partner/co-parent
    • Social fatigue preventing you from tapping support networks
    • Inability to ask for support or state one’s needs

    You matter. I’m here to help. I provide a warm and encouraging environment where you can speak candidly and receive care and compassion. Please reach out. You don’t need to struggle alone.